Summer Wine & Cheese

By: Todd Templin | VP of Beer, Wine, and The DLM Cheese Shop

With summer temperatures upon us, red wine is often not the most versatile while dining al fresco as it can tend to show “hot” or high in alcohol and tannin if not served at the proper temperature. However, these incredible white wines are some of what we think to not only be the perfect summer wines, but more importantly they go so well with food!

Selene 2011 Hyde Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc — “Electric” on the palate, this wine is California Sauvignon Blanc at its absolute best. Made by our friend Mia Klein from one of the best vineyard sites, Larry Hyde farms. $30

Lagar de Cervera 2011 Albariño — We recently tasted this wine and were blown away by the incredible richness, vivid acidity, and wonderful saline/brinyness that is terrific and is screaming for a shellfish or shrimp dish. $20

Pomelo 2011 Sauvignon Blanc — A super wine for a picnic or lunch on the patio, it is crisp, clean, and showing an abundance of citrus fruit without the overtly grassy side of the varietal. $11

Château Graville-Lacoste 2011 Graves — Easily one of the greatest white wine values of Bordeaux. Semillon is the grape in the driver seat here with Sauvignon Blanc as the supporting cast. Extremely elegant, crisp, and vibrant, it is easy to pair with dishes ranging from salad course to cheese plate and everything in between. $20

Seifried 2011 Nelson Sauvignon Blanc — This New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has seemingly just the right amount of that “breakfast in a bottle” fruit without dominating the wine, and is just a darn good drink! $17 save $3

Cypress Grove Chevre Mary Keehn was the founder and visionary of Cypress Grove, the California creamery that is one of the reasons goat cheese has become so popular in the last decade here in the states. It’s ripened chevre, Humboldt Fog, is nearly a California treasure! The fresh chevre flavors are pure summertime fun and perfect on salads, hamburgers, or paired with 34° Sweet Crisp crackers. Want a real treat? Take 34° Degrees Caramel Crisp (think: waffle cone) and smear with the Sgt. Pepper.

Cypress Grove Sgt. Pepper

A combination of four peppers, garlic, and chili threads add a pleasant kick that is perfect on hamburgers or the aforementioned crackers.

Cypress Grove Purple Haze

Goat cheese with a pleasant blend of lavender and wild fennel pollen making it perfect crumbled on fresh baby greens.

Cypress Grove PsycheDillic

A very fragrant dose of dill pollen makes this wonderful on a bagel with a little lox, thinly sliced red onion, and capers.