A Short History of Beer

By: Jerry Post | Store Director, Oakwood
On: June 19, 2013

There is an adage that I have used when talking about the history of beer: “The Egyptians created it, the Germans perfected it, and the Belgians turned it into an art form.” In the past when I was asked what Americans contributed, I had been known to say that we learned to water it down

and market it. I now feel an obligation to change that. Over the last two decades, we have seen craft brewing in America soar. Every time you blink your eyes, it seems a new microbrewery or brew pub has popped up somewhere in the country and most of them are producing quality beers that will knock your socks off! Even here in Dayton we should have at least three new breweries by the end of next year, and I can’t wait to see what they will be offering.

One of the best nuances to the new movement is that the beers are being made to complement food. These craft brewers are well aware that it would be hard to beat a good IPA with grilled salmon or a delightful amber ale with BBQ. While you’re grilling this summer, the beer in your hand is no longer just for refreshment, but designed to accompany the items you’re putting on the plate. As always, when there are a lot of new products to get to know, there are always a few that rise above the rest. While we have our old favorites that consistently brew top-notch beers like Bell’s, Founders, Lagunitas, and Great Lakes, there are a couple new brews that really got our attention. Newly available from Utah, Uinta Brewery produces an incredible Hop Notch IPA and Baba Black Lager. Revolution Brewing Company out of Chicago has also made a strong impression with their Anti-Hero IPA and Eugene Porter. It can be difficult to keep up with all this activity, but I think everyone in our Beer department would agree that it certainly has been a lot of fun trying.

At our Springboro store, we have added four tap handles and started DLM on a growler program to get the best flavor possible at your dinner table. You can now come to the store and purchase a 64-oz jug of draft beer to take home or enjoy a pint while you are shopping. We are constantly rotating what we have available, so feel free to call ahead to see what beers we are featuring. We plan to have the growler system available at Oakwood and Washington Square, soon.

I think if someone would ask me today what Americans have contributed to the beer world, I would say we have reinspired creativity in the industry and put beer back where it belongs; on the dinner table served with food.

Uinta Hop Notch IPA: Hop Notch IPA has the full-bodied flavor of an imperial IPA without all the booziness. It is brewed to 7.3% ABV with 82 IBUs so there is plenty of pucker factor. A very well-balanced IPA.

Uinta Baba Black Lager: Roasted malt flavors with nuances of molasses and toasted nuts. Light enough to drink more than one, but flavorful enough to stay interesting!

Revolution Anti-Hero IPA: This beer has a hazy golden color in the glass with loads of hop aromas. Flavors of dry citrus and lots of bitterness throughout!

Revolution Eugene Porter: A dark chocolate color in the glass, this dry porter hangs on to the intensity of dark malts and cocoa with a soft smokiness on the palate. The finish is dry and stays with you for a bit.