DLM Grass-Fed Beef

By: Jack Gridley | VP of Meat & Seafood
On: May 08, 2013

Just call me Forrest Gump, but there is something magical about mowing grass for the first time of the growing season. Think about the aroma of freshly cut, rich green grass and it personifies spring in one vivid sensory perception. Weeks later, after you have struggled to keep on top of the mowing with all the spring showers and busy schedules, you don’t feel the love as much for the wonderful circle of life!

What this means to the local agricultural community is the season for local pasture-raised meats has begun. The flavor profile of grass-fed beef changes dramatically after switching from a diet of dry hay and forage to the lush, green spring grass. In three weeks’ time, nature has made the transition.

When we talk grass-fed beef here at DLM, we do not mean beef that has been raised in Uruguay or South America; rather, cattle raised by local family farms in Greenville, New Carlisle, Cedarville, Yellow Springs, Waynesville, and Hillsboro. These cattle have been born and raised in the Miami Valley on a diet of grass and hay silage, and have never been administered antibiotics or growth hormones. Local DLM Grass-Fed Beef is a lean protein choice rich in heart-healthy omega-3s and CLA. A very healthy choice for you and the local agriculture community as well, pumping back money into the local economy.

Join us as we start the local grass-fed beef season and look for the DLM Grass-Fed label starting this month. Please remember this is a limited supply…the growing process takes 2½ years. Throw a grass-fed burger on the grill and let your taste buds decide.

P.S. Momma always says, “This is better than a box of chocolates!”