Getting to Know Our Cake Decorators

By: Ila Peck | Cakes by DLM Cake Decorator
On: March 25, 2013

Hello, my name is Ila Peck. I began decorating cakes around the age of twelve, having learned from my mom (who decorated at home). By the time I was in high school, I was doing cakes for friends and family, which led me to a career in pastry. I graduated from Pennsylvania Culinary Institute after

high school and moved to Columbus. That is where I spent the bulk of my pastry career, working in various bakeries and restaurants in the eleven years I lived there. That gave me a great deal of experience in everything from handmade artisan breads, to working with chocolate. I even wrote recipes

for some of the places I worked, but decorating is the facet of this industry I enjoy the most. So after I moved to the area ten months ago, I applied at Dorothy Lane Market and the rest is history.

One of my specialties is sculpting 3D cakes in our shop. I love to turn a picture or an idea into an edible work of art. I got to show off my sculpting talent by representing Cakes by DLM at the Retail Bakers Association’s regional cake competition in Cincinnati this past January. It was a wonderful experience and I am very grateful for an employer who is so supportive of expanding my knowledge and skills. I look forward to competing again next year.

Since moving here last June, I have settled in Yellow Springs. In my spare time I enjoy hiking in Glen Helen, meeting friends at the coffee shop in town, and making art. I am so happy to be doing what I love in an environment that is encouraging and supportive.