Great Lakes Growers

On: March 25, 2013

We have some exciting new locally grown lettuces at all

three stores. These beautiful “heads” are grown a little

east of Cleveland by Great Lakes Growers in Burton,

Ohio. Great Lakes Growers is a hydroponic greenhouse

grower of ultra fresh, ultra clean lettuces and herbs.

They just finished construction of a 55,000-square-foot,

state-of-the-art, automated greenhouse facility. Their

goal is to become a large-scale local producer of

hydroponic lettuces by utilizing architectural and

processing techniques developed in Europe and now

economically feasible in northern Ohio.

The Salanova Living Lettuces we are getting from

Great Lakes Growers are so fresh they are still alive!

Salanova is a new generation of varieties which offer

salad lovers a wide choice of flavors, shapes, and colors.

There are three types of Salanova lettuce grown by Great

Lakes Growers — butter, oak, and crisp. There is a red &

green version of each type. In every lettuce “head,” there

are hundreds of tasty, beautiful, baby-sized leaves. The

butter and oak leaf types are mild and tender, while the

crisp varieties are sweeter and crunchy. With just one

cut, the lettuce separates into numerous small, ready-toeat

leaves! They are grown at ideal temperatures using

rainwater to eliminate the risk of contamination, and are

fed through a continuous nutrient delivery system. These

beautiful lettuces are harvested living and maintained

in a living display at our stores so that you can enjoy the

ultimate in freshness and nutritional value when eating

your salad.

Please stop by and take a couple of these Ohio-grown

beauties home to enjoy!