DLM Natural Beef Prime Rib

By: Jack Gridley | VP of Meat & Seafood
On: December 03, 2012

Every holiday, I realize more and more that traditions hold a place at my family’s table. It’s things like that famous breakfast casserole we’ve eaten for almost 35 years, served with DLM’s luscious cinnamon rolls, that remind me that the flavors of the season and our past bring us together even closer.

As you make plans for holiday dinners this year, remember that the flavors and care cooked into every meal create memories your family will treasure. And by starting with quality products, you can ensure that those memories are all good for the right reasons. Take for instance the starring role at the dinner table: the holiday roast.

There’s a reason why prime rib is the most famous of the holiday roasts. Think of the intoxicating smell it produces as it cooks, welcoming each and every guest walking through the door. Remember though, that just because a label says “prime rib” does not mean that it is graded USDA Prime, since the term is also a particular cut of beef. Look for a texture coupled with fine marbling throughout the eye of the cherry-colored meat to allow

the ideal amount of fat to melt evenly as the prime rib is cooked, leaving the final product juicy, tender, and ready to be savored. DLM starts the selection process by looking for cattle that have been raised naturally with no antibiotics or growth hormones—ever. Then, only those are selected that have received the USDA Prime grade which only 2% of all cattle receive. The draught condition of many western states the last several years has left us

with the smallest cattle populations since the 50’s. This year has been a challenging year in the beef industry, but not to worry, we planned ahead and will have a prime rib waiting for you.

Whether you’re embarking on carrying on a long-lasting holiday roast family tradition, or looking to start a base for new flavorful memories, you can’t go wrong with bringing a DLM Natural Beef Prime Rib to your table. Cut in and enjoy!