Real People Making Real Pies

By: Scott Fox | Bakery Director
On: October 24, 2012

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are upon us! It’s the time of the year when the DLM Bakery really gets jumping, and I love it—baking is in the air! Let me start with our Grandma Tobias Pumpkin Pies. It’s no secret that aged pumpkin makes the best pumpkin pies. We always purchase our pumpkin a year in advance so we are guaranteed quality-aged pumpkin, giving our pies the best flavor possible. We also only use fresh, handcracked

eggs, sugar, and whole cream, with just enough spice

(some pumpkin pies that are made in factory bakeries add too much spice to cover up the flavor of lesser quality ingredients) to give us a delicious, creamy pumpkin pie. Pumpkin not your cup of tea? Our Grandma Tobias Pecan Pies are said by some (me included) to be the best ever; also made from scratch in our Bakery using our all-butter crust that has no hydrogenated oils, as are all of our fruit pies.

Whatever your taste in pies, we have the perfect one here for your Thanksgiving table, one that you will be proud to serve to family and friends. Want something different this year? Our Pumpkin Cheese Rolls are to die for. Once again we are featuring our handmade edible Bread Baskets, filled with two dozen fresh Bakery rolls for your table’s centerpiece. We also offer a great variety of crusty and yeasty soft rolls.

Please give us a call, and we can help you plan all of your Bakery needs for Thanksgiving!