Sticky Toffee Pudding

By: Jennifer Clark | Coffee Bar Director
On: August 22, 2012

Though the origin of this cake is said to be a mystery, the recipe for our new Sticky Toffee Pudding is mostly credited to have begun at the Udny Arms Hotel in Newburgh Aberdeenshire, Scotland, though many lay claim to creating this delicious cake. In the early 1900s, dates were readily available from northern Africa and in abundance in Scotland. Dates are the secret ingredient in this cake, and the reason that it is so moist. They are chopped up so fine that anyone who tastes it is surprised they are in the cake! This is a humble looking cake, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover; one taste and you will be hooked! Though it looks simple, the ingredients are very important. The recipe is filled with European-style butter (which is higher in butterfat content), and real, whole fresh cream. A dark Muscovado sugar, which is used in Britain, as well as molasses are also intregal to the delicate sweetness of this cake.

Chef George Fowler of the Calypso Grill in the Cayman Islands has been serving this as one of his most popular desserts, and is responsible for the growing demand for this homestyle treat. Our friend Pastry Chef Ghyslain Maurais discovered this cake and simply HAD to find the recipe and create it on his own. He perfected his version and has brought it to us here at DLM! While teaching British fare on a summer cruise, he received the highest complement from a British cruiser who stated it was the best they ever had. Next time you are in, snag a piece and see for yourself!