Eagle Ridge Apiaries in Miami Valley

By: Jessie Kuhn | Staff Writer
On: March 01, 2018

When you see DLM 100% Pure Honey neatly lining the shelves, its golden contents glisten. Al Tuttle of Eagle Ridge Apiaries is a Miami Valley beekeeper who produces our unprocessed and raw honey. Talking to Al about beekeeping is fascinating and it's clear that he is an expert.

He tends to about 70 hives total with about 50,000-60,000 bees inhabiting each. And as Al puts it, each bee is indeed very busy. “They all have a job to do,” he explains, detailing all the different types of bees that are found in a hive, from the worker and drone bees to the nurse and queen bee.

As Al talks beekeeping with the DLM Grocery managers, the question on everyone’s minds is how does he not get stung? The key, he says, is to work calmly and gently as to not accidentally frighten any bees, as they release an alarm pheromone when they sting. He also makes a point to wear white clothing and uses a beekeeper’s smoker canister to calm the bees. Now we know!