Ray of Sunshine from Local Sunflowers

By: Stuart Delk | Floral Director
On: July 31, 2017

Each time local sunflowers arrive to our stores, I'm simply amazed to think that 12 hours ago, the newly delivered sunflowers were still growing in the field. They are cut that morning, delivered around noon, and in stores and available to our customers by that afternoon. Compare this with other sunflowers, and you'd have to factor in that they've spent days in refrigerated shipping trucks or supplier coolers. DLM's local sunflowers are as fresh as they get.

They're harvested at peak blooming time when they're ready. Other sunflowers may have been harvested before peak bloom, shipped across county, and then “forced” to bloom using artificial hydrating solutions. Our local sunflowers, grown in Preble, Greene, and Clinton Counties, are cut at their prime. The blooms from Clinton and Greene Counties are also Certified Organic, so rest assured as you enjoy this iconic summer flower. Put in a jar or vase, use the provided floral preservative, and re-cut the stems after a few days. Take a few deep breaths and admire their casual beauty. They're breathtaking!