Hanna Family Farm Grass-Fed Beef

By: Jack Gridley | VP of Meat & Seafood
On: March 23, 2017

After driving through rolling farmland in Cedarville, Ohio, a winding gravel driveway leads the way for about 1.5 miles to the roaming grass-fed cattle of Hanna Family Farm. The wooded setting opens up to the 101 acres of pasture where the grass-fed black Angus and Galloway cattle graze. The kids are bouncing with excitement as they accompany parents Angie and Jed Hanna, as it’s spring and new calves are in abundance.

The land where the cows graze has been in Jed’s family for 150 years. It’s clear that it’s not a passing pastime for this family. Jed learned to farm at a young age alongside John, his father and business partner, as well as his deceased grandfather, whose legacy is very much alive. "It’s a different job every day," says Jed, who may spend one day on a combine harvesting nearby crops while assisting to deliver a calf in distress the next. "It’s a way of life for me and my family."

Hanna Family Farm is one of several local grass-fed beef providers who fuel our DLM Grass-fed Beef program. The lush spring grass enhances the flavor of the beef almost overnight, causing the Omega-3 levelsto surge even higher.