The Luck of the Irish

By: Dorothy Lane Market
On: March 02, 2017

What luck! These St. Patrick’s Day favorites have returned. From our highly sought-after, traditional Irish Soda Bread and vast selection of Irish stouts and cheeses to our mouth-watering DLM Corned Beef Brisket, Irish eyes will smile with these signature foods.

Fresh-Baked Irish Soda Bread

This seasonal treat is a must-have. Even though the Irish are thought to have invented baking with soda and soft wheat, it’s actually the American Indians who are first credited with the technique. They used pearl ash (or potash), a natural soda in wood ashes, to leaven bread made with soft wheat—the only type of wheat that will grow in Ireland. Traditionally, a cross is pressed into the top of the bread, which was thought to “let the devil out” resulting in good luck. We bake our soft, flaky, biscuit-like Irish Soda Bread every day using fresh buttermilk, baking soda, and currants, resulting in a salty and sweet marriage.

Raise a Glass with Irish Stouts

Stout has become synonymous with Ireland and is indeed a symbol of national pride. Irish stout is dry and intense with a slightly roasted characteristic, and is quite smooth despite its motor oil resemblance! These wonderful beers can be enjoyed chilled, yet they are considered at their best served at room temperature. We think that they are a “wee” bit of heaven served with the Irish tradition of oysters! True Irish Stouts: Smithwick’s Premium Irish Ale, Guinness Extra Stout, Guinness Draught, and Harp Irish Lager. While the already mentioned beers are the traditional Irish-made stouts, there are many selections available in the same spirit from other parts of the world that are perfect paired with your St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Non Irish-Made Stouts: Great Lakes Brewing Company Conway’s Irish Ale, Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Aged Stout, and Boulevard Brewing Co. Irish Ale.

Irish Cheddars to Treasure

The Irish are not only known for their stouts, but for their cheese, too. And they’re not shy when it comes to adding a bit of beer or whiskey to it for a distinct flavor. Cahill’s is a family-owned, small-scale cheesemaking dairy in Newcastle West in County Limerick, Ireland. Their Porter Cheddar is actually flavored with Irish Porter. Smooth and rich in flavor, the Porter is distinct without overwhelming the cheese. Cahill’s Whiskey Cheddar is handmade using Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey and then is matured. It has a light golden tint and is softer than one might expect from a Cheddar. The Oscar Wilde Irish Cheddar is aged two years and is made in County Cork, Ireland. It’s a rich cheese with a firm, creamy taste.

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner To-Go

We slow smoke our house-cured corned beef brisket for more than five hours. The result? A moist, tender beef that is deep mahogany in color and crusted with spices. We pair that tender corned beef with steamed red-skin potatoes tossed with sweet butter, fresh parsley, sea salt, and black pepper. And since no Irish dinner should be without cabbage, we cut whole green heads into thick wedges and steam until just tender. Pre-order your meal with our Deli by March 14 (pickup March 15-17) so you can guarantee enough for you and your crew.