From the Shore to our Door

By: Dorothy Lane Market
On: March 02, 2017

Everyone says their seafood is "fresh" to the point that the word has almost lost its meaning. Our definition of the word is one we stand behind and is one of the building blocks that has elevated our Seafood department over the years.

It comes down to "time spent out of water," says Jack Gridley, DLM VP of Meat & Seafood, and there are several ways that we keep that time to a minimum. "Buy it direct," Jack says. At DLM, we go straight to the fishing co-ops that practice sustainable techniques to ensure wild fish for years to come and fishing farms that are raising seafood the right way. "By doing so, it takes days off the travel time and fish is delivered to our stores faster. No warehouses, no distributor." It’s not uncommon for Jack to visit with these fishing families, like when he went out on the water with the fishing co-ops in Alaska or pulled in lobster traps with Curt Brown of Ready Seafood in Portland, Maine.

The time spent out of water also is reduced by choosing to air freight our fish often instead of having it travel by truck. "It’s quicker and it costs more, but it results in drastically less time out of water," Jack says. And that’s a difference that we believe you can taste.

You’ll also notice a constant stream of new fish in our seafood case, a true reflection of what’s in season. This is the product of constant communication and good working relationships that our fishmongers have with our fish providers. On any given day, our Seafood Managers, like Kim Swing at DLM Washington Square, have likely been on the phone with several different providers to see what’s biting. "I talk to Carl, our contact in Alaska, more than I do my own mother. We talk almost every day about what he’s got," Kim says.

Remember, your fishmonger is your friend!