Bridal Showcase • Feb 26

By: Katherine Dean | Love Cakes by DLM Manager
On: January 19, 2017

I might be biased, but why not give them something to talk about when it comes to the wedding cake? Make it memorable so that it leaves a lasting impression after the last song has been danced, all the guests have gone home, and again when the top tier is pulled out lovingly on that first anniversary. Whether it be that chocolate ganache filling or those hand-painted flowers that dance on the outside, the wedding cake is an opportunity to showcase the unique flavor of your wedding day, and we don’t take that very lightly.

In fact, we take your special day so seriously, we’ve totally revamped our annual Bridal Showcase, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. February 26, to provide what we feel like will be a highly engaging reflection of some of the hottest trends we are seeing in the wedding industry today. Bring your friends, family, or partner to our Bridal Showcase where you’ll be greeted with a tuxedo strawberry. We will feature several wedding vignettes, each embodying a different event theme, such as boho, Bollywood, rustic chic, and classic romance. Each setup will be bursting with ideas for how it could be brought to life through essential elements like the wedding cake, flowers, wine selection, and food. Did we mention that you’re invited to try it all?

To prepare for our Bridal Showcase, we let our imagination go wild with the multi-tiered cake shown, which embodies some of the hottest wedding cake trends we are seeing today—all in one cake.