With Love From the DLM Bakery

By: Jennifer Clark | Coffee Bar Director
On: January 19, 2017

While admiring our bakery’s offerings, I ask myself, why do our desserts taste so much better than what I order from a restaurant? The answer lies in the fact that all the training and skill in the world cannot create what I taste in our bakery, and that is love.

Our love for good food runs deep and takes us all over the world to study, taste, and learn. We’ve traveled to places like Montreal, New York City, Paris, and Tuscany to fuel our passion. We then infuse what we learn into the DLM Bakery. This month we want to show you the love as we pull out all of the stops. How do I love thee, DLM Bakery? Let me count the ways!

First, let’s talk brownies. Not just any brownie, but our famous, award-winning Killer Brownie®. This time of year is when we debut the limited release of our Raspberry Killer Brownie®. Sought after all year, this berry beauty is sure to win hearts. If brownies aren’t your beloved’s favorite, we make an array of other scrumptious treats, such as Chocolate Cream Silk Pie, Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries, and of course, Laura’s Cookies!

Second, let me serenade you with our cake. Behind DLM Washington Square is our Bakehouse where all of the cake layers are made and our signature buttercream is concocted. Adjacent to it is our specialty cake boutique called Love Cakes by DLM, named because that is how much we, well, love cake. They make a cake this month that you can find in the DLM Bakery that’s actually called Love Cake. Think chocolate ganache and real raspberry filling nestled between white cake and topped with a slight blush-pink tinted cream cheese frosting. The delectable part is the large crystals of sugar that we coat on the sides, which gives it a sweet, crunchy texture played against the softness of the cake and frosting.

Then there’s our French pâtisserie made in-house by our professionally trained pastry chefs. Watching our pastry chefs work is like watching an artist paint. As every stroke of the brush creates a nuance in a painting, so does every movement of the chef to their confection. Each layer of the Napoleon is carefully stacked and precisely cut, including the thin coating of sweet fondant on top. The Chocolate Mousse is piped in a giddy swirl into an edible chocolate shell. These and a dozen more delicacies are gently placed onto baking trays to be carried away to each DLM, arriving without a scratch!

Finally, if you really want to feel the love from the DLM Bakery this Valentine’s Day, come see us noon to 6 p.m. February 11, 13, and 14. You’ll find our Bakery associates set up at the front of each store dipping elegant long-stem strawberries in decadent chocolate and rolling them in a variety of toppings. It’s the perfect way to add a sweet touch to your celebration.

Our love of good food knows no bounds. Swing by and feast your eyes on all of the Valentine’s yummies that fill our lineup. You will love what you see!