Rosie’s Cheesecakes

By: Calvin Mayne | VP of Food
On: January 19, 2017

I am so excited after having tasted Rosie’s Cheesecakes! For the first time, we have a real NY-style cheesecake in our DLM Bakery. After having lived in Brooklyn in the 1980s, I returned home with a penchant for great cheesecake, but rarely could find one that could compare to my New York memories. Last summer, while on a buying trip there, I made it a point to go to one of the most famous purveyors of cheesecake. Sad to say, it just wasn’t the same. It seemed even that cheesecake eatery had cheapened or changed ingredients.

Happy days, as I’ve just tasted a bite of cheesecake heaven, with the crust, texture, and perfectly balanced slightly-sour flavor of my NY-style cheesecake dreams! And it’s made by my own brother-in-law Matt Ross, or as we call him, “Rosie.” He too is a fan of that flavor of bygone times, and has been in my ear for years about making a NY-style cheesecake. So this year, he set out to do it himself. After test baking for months, he arrived at this perfect re-creation of a classic. In my view, he nailed it. Come in and ask us for a taste today, and serve up a Rosie’s Cheesecake to your friends and family. They will love it … especially if they are ex-New Yorkers!