Welcome to Our Table

By: Norman Mayne | CEO
On: January 02, 2017

You may notice something very different about this Market Report. In fact, it’s no longer called the Market Report at all. One day, we got to thinking about the name and realized that Market Report was a bit too academic and didn’t really capture the all-around sense of good feeling around food that we have here at DLM. In the course of conversation, the mention of the word “report” made me think about a school report card, and in my case, that was never my favorite thing to take home to my parents.

It’s my pleasure to tell you about our new name from this issue forward! It is a name that we think is positive and vibrant, and also warm and welcoming. It describes our desire to serve you, not just with a great food-shopping experience, but all the way to your experience at home. The new name, in a word, is where you enjoy these good things to eat with people you love. And no matter who we are, it brings feelings of happiness. Welcome to our inaugural issue of Dorothy Lane Market’s Table.

We not only want to help you to buy great food, but to also prepare and serve it to your family and others who gather at your Table. Naturally then, in Table, you will continue to find articles about so many of the special foods that we source for you. We will also continue to feature the best recipes developed by our own culinary team and other experts, and an even greater focus on helping you to be successful at home. Plus, we want to share with you other exciting happenings at DLM. Our goal is to make you happy. The new name Table fits perfectly, because that’s where so much happiness happens, with great food and conversation.

Changing the name of our popular monthly publication to Table is a natural transition to what we believe captures a wonderful experience: dinner with good food that’s shared with those we love as we gather around the Tabletogether. Pull up a comfortableTable chair, and enjoy!