DLM Grass-Fed Beef

By: Jack Gridley | VP of Meat & Seafood
On: June 22, 2012

Spring is in the air, and as I see the daffodils blooming I know the days are getting longer and that there’ll be an increase in opportune moments to gather with friends and family.

More daylight triggers a brilliant chain reaction with food too. As the grass greens, local family farmers who make up our DLM Grass-Fed Beef program let nature work its magic. This lush spring grass enhances the flavor of the beef almost overnight, causing the omega-3 levels to surge even higher. Raised locally with no growth hormones or antibiotics, the cattle are fed a diet exclusively of grass and hay. So as you pull out your grill and transform the outdoors into your kitchen, rest assured that you’ll taste the freshness in that burger or tender steak. Add DLM’s Grilling & Seasoning Rub to your grilling arsenal, and pat a bit onto your cut of meat before cooking. It’ll even enhance the flavor of a fresh cut of salmon straight from the Alaskan waters. You can find this magnificent fish, which is at the peak of its heart-healthy omega-3s, near the end of the month at DLM. Notice a theme here? Sun, grass, omega-3s, and flavor!