To Cook or Not to Cook

By: Dorothy Lane Market
On: November 03, 2016

To Cook

There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about Thanksgiving prep: You’re gonna cook it all from scratch. Yep, we know your kind and salute you. You’ll be setting your alarm to wake up before the sun shines to start cooking that DLM Fresh Free-Range Turkey. For you, cooking the Thanksgiving meal is part of the tradition, for better or worse. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or novice, we’ve got your back.

Reserve Your Bird: DLM Fresh Free-Range Turkey

DLM Fresh Free-Range Turkeys are raised at Bowman & Landes in New Carlisle. The birds are free of antibiotics and growth promotants and they are 100% vegetarian fed. Want a pre-brined turkey? No problem. Reserve your bird by calling, stopping by the store, or online.

Jack’s Secret to Turkey Roasting Success

We asked DLM’s VP of Meat & Seafood, Jack Gridley, his secret to turkey success: "Remove the neck and gizzards and place in the bottom of the roasting pan. Rub the skin of the turkey with Vera Jane’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and season with a generous amount of Kosher salt and DLM Grilling & Seasoning Rub. Fill the cavity with celery, onion, and a quartered lemon. Add an inch of water to the pan and roast covered (uncover at end to lightly brown). Use the time and temp chart on the turkey bag and pull when the meat thermometer reads 165°F in the thigh. Let the turkey rest for 15-20 minutes before carving. It’s that simple! Hint: if your turkey is too large to fit in your pan, have us cut the legs and thighs off the bird and remove the back bone. It will fit and the cooking time will be the same.”

Turkey Prep Essentials

DLM Premium Turkey Broth, meat thermometer, Kosher salt, DLM Grilling & Seasoning Rub, olive oil, large roasting pan, aluminum foil, celery, onion, and a confident attitude!

Not To Cook

Do you think to yourself: Who’s got time to cook? And why bother when "Aunt Dorothy" does it for you? You’re not alone if you fall in this camp. In fact, our kitchens at DLM are brimming with passionate cooks and bakers for this very reason. We love to cook and bake and will gladly do it for you. In fact, you can order everything you need for your Thanksgiving feast already made at DLM. The best part? You’ll be telling the truth when you tell your guests that it’s all homemade, because it is, using our chef-driven recipes and fresh ingredients. Check out these great ways Aunt Dorothy can help with your feast.

Holiday Dinners by DLM

If you truly are seeking a fuss-free (and home cooked ... by us) holiday, look no further than the DLM Deli’s Holiday Dinner Menu, featuring our oh-so-popular Sweet Potato Casserole, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry-Raspberry Gelatin Salad, Cranberry-Orange-Walnut Relish, Old-Fashioned Cornbread Stuffing, Green Beans Amandine, and fully cooked DLM Fresh Free-Range Turkey. Oh, yeah, let’s not forget about our famous DLM Homestyle Turkey Gravy (keep reading). Stop by the DLM Deli to place your order or find the order sheet here!

It’s All Gravy, Baby

There’s no going back after you try our DLM Homestyle Turkey Gravy that’s Made Right Here. Aunt Dorothy keeps very busy this time of year making enough gravy to go around. How much? More than 3,000 cups! So ladle it on those mashed potatoes, dressing, and turkey. Your plate won’t be complete without it. Looking for a delicious gluten-free gravy? Try our Gluten-Free DLM Homestyle Turkey Gravy, available in our Meat department’s frozen section.

Easy as Pie

As you are busily making your holiday plans this season, breathe a sigh of relief as we’ll be ramping up our pie baking. In fact, during the months of November and December, we sell about 10,000 pies! Choose from treasured favorites like Grandma Tobias Pumpkin Pie and our scrumptious Grandma Tobias Pecan Pie.