DLM’s Mary Hieb Retires

By: Jessie Kuhn | Staff Writer
On: November 02, 2016

Mary Hieb, DLM’s first cashier, retires after several decades working in various roles.

There are few people who can say that they’ve been here from the beginning when it all started in 1948. Mary Hieb, daughter of founder Calvin Mayne and Vera Jane Mayne and CEO Norman Mayne’s older sister, is one of them. She recently retired after a span of nearly seven decades of service to Dorothy Lane Market.

During her career at DLM she worked in a number of roles, from ringing up orders and helping customers at Guest Services to jumping into action in the Meat department. After taking time to earn her teaching degree from Bowling Green University, she spent the latter part of her career at DLM as a bookkeeper, working behind the scenes in DLM’s support office. She even worked alongside her mother Vera Jane Mayne, DLM’s majority stockholder for most of our treasured history.

But it was her first role for DLM that marks a moment in history for this family-owned company that started as a humble fruit stand on the corner of Far Hills and Dorothy Lane. Mary rang up the first DLM order ever as a cashier. She was 16 years old at the time and recalls the customer being incredibly nice and dressed to the nines.

Vera Jane Mayne, front right, with her daughters, front left to right clockwise, Mary, Charline, Angela, and Vera.

At an intimate gathering celebrating her retirement, she reminisced about using an adding machine to process the order, a predecessor to calculators and the computer-powered systems seen today. She looked around at a room full of co-workers and cited “the people” with whom she’s worked with over the years as one of DLM’s great strengths.

Mary Hieb spent most of her career at DLM as a bookkeeper.

“She’s reliable and dependable—always an incredible work ethic,” says Kent Dimbath, DLM’s CFO, who has worked with Mary since the 90s. “I can’t really recall her calling in sick.”

In addition to her time at DLM, Mary has raised three children, all who have worked at DLM, six grandchildren (look for Austin Hieb at the Guacamole Station at Washington Square), and three great-grandchildren.

"It was truly a pleasure to work with my sister, Mary, for 50+ years," says Norman, adding that he’ll always reflect on the experience with tenderness. "It always pleased my mother to see her children in the family business." We are local. We are family, indeed.