At Dorothy Lane Market

By: Michelle Mayhew | Produce Director
On: September 28, 2016

I love Ohio. We have the best of so many worlds when it comes to the local bounty that farmers bring to our Produce department each season. And when you walk through our stores in the fall, they’re filled with a beautiful aroma that comes from the crisp apples, plump pumpkins, sweet cider, and fall squash.

Just take a bite out of a local apple from our friend Rich Eshleman in Clyde, Ohio. He brings us some amazing apples from his orchard, like Honeycrisp (one of the best for eating), Gala, Fuji, Ginger Gold, and Melrose—one of my favorites and the official apple of Ohio. These are all excellent for eating and baking (or dipping, like we do at our annual Caramel Apple Dipping, Oct. 22-23). Mmmm ... I can smell the freshly made apple pie already!

Then there is our fresh DLM 100% Apple Cider that is pressed and delivered to us from Wesler Orchards. In 1930, Frank Wesler purchased a 60-acre apple orchard in New Paris, Ohio. People would tell him ‛Frank, you are not going to sell that many apples.’ Well, 80+ years later his legacy continues, as it’s now owned and operated by his grandson Ron Wesler. They are still selling apples and making the best apple cider around.

Fall is not complete without pumpkins. We are talking huge pumpkins that are grown by our friends Dave Stoltz and Jon Branstator. They are simply the best looking pumpkins around. DLM has been getting pumpkins from the Stoltz family for decades. Did I mention that they are huge?

Last, but certainly not least, in my vision of fall is the squash: think butternut, acorn, and spaghetti. Local farmer Jon Branstrator takes great care to make sure the conditions are just right to keep his squash enriched with nutrients, such as beta–carotene.

It’s the great care that all of these farming families take in raising their crops that makes fall so delicious. Come and take a bite (or take your pick of pumpkins) and find out for yourself!