Dive in! Oyster Happy Hour

By: Jon Lemaster | Seafood Manager Springboro
On: September 28, 2016

People ask me quite often, “Jon, what is your favorite seafood item?” My answer, “Oysters! Raw oysters!” always seems to catch them by surprise.

Oysters are harvested and grown all over North America with many varieties from both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Each variety has its own unique flavor that is a product of the location that it grows in, waters it lives in, food it eats, type of ocean bottom, trays or grow-out bags they sit on, and the ocean tides of the area. I love how diverse in flavor they are depending on the variety because of all of these factors, making them truly the “wine of the ocean,” as they are often referred to as.

Another reason why they are my favorite seafood item is because of the atmosphere they are often consumed in. Oysters are the perfect appetizer or hors d’oeuvre and they pair very well with many different wines and beers. Nothing is better than enjoying food and drink that you love with family and friends. For me, oysters are one of those foods.

At Dorothy Lane Market, we carry oysters year-round that anyone can enjoy regardless of the time of the year. We get different varieties in each week from all up and down the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of Canada and the United States, giving you a taste of something new to look forward to. Whether they are wild oysters harvested by divers or farm-raised oysters raised in the deep water in floating trays, we receive them at our Seafood department within 48 hours of harvest. You can actually taste the freshness of the ocean with each oyster.

Starting around October, we kick off Oyster Happy Hour each week where we roll out an oyster bar fully stocked with amazing toppings for your oysters. We shuck and serve oysters of two different varieties from both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at a discounted price. Once you fill your plate, head over to the Wine & Beer department to sit down and enjoy with a glass of crisp white wine or an IPA.

Whether you’re an oyster lover or trying them for the first time, this is the perfect excuse to gather your friends and family to come enjoy oysters, drinks, and one another’s company. We hope to see you there. Our oyster knives are ready!

Oyster Happy Hour

4–7 p.m. • Wednesdays at DLM Washington Square

Fridays at DLM Oakwood & DLM Springboro

Call us or check our Market Report calendar on weeks of major holidays.