DLM Receives GreenChill Award

By: Ed Flohre | Store Director, Springboro
On: September 28, 2016

As a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Partnership, DLM has always been on the lower end of leak rates in the grocery industry when it comes to refrigeration emmissions that are harmful to the environment, even within GreenChill partners. But winning GreenChill’s Most Improved Emissions Rate Award, presented Sept. 13, makes me proud of the whole DLM team. We could not have won it without everyone’s help. Together, we’ve drastically lowered refrigerant emmissions at DLM by making a daily effort to ensure best practices are followed.

This all started when I went to my first Energy Conference and I heard the term “Global Warming Potential.” The gases used to refrigerate have a very high GWP and that got my attention. I understood quickly how important it was to control refrigerant gas leaks. When I got back, I had a meeting with Scott Ballard of Simco Refrigeration, who has been a crucial partner, on creating a gameplan on the best way to find leaks before they got too bad. We decided that checking weekly for leaks while doing maintenance on all of our refrigeration cases and coolers would be best. But that really was not enough. We got the word out to our associates that if any case was not working properly, even a little bit, that it was important to report it immediately. Then, we would get Simco involved to find out if it was a leak or if it was something else that was not working.

Luckily, GreenChill was there along the way as well to help us learn best practices. It’s a government program that truly works. GreenChill works closely with supermarkets across the country to reduce refrigerant emissions that are incredibly harmful to the environment, thus decreasing their impact on the ozone layer and climate change. The organization not only arranges knowledgeable speakers on the topic, but it has created a place for companies to share best practices in leak control. It’s a safe place to exchange ideas even among competitors. Small companies like us can get detailed information on refrigeration systems that others have tried, and if and how they worked. And just as important, all partners report their leak rates in a consistent form that can be compared not only year to year, but company to company.

The results have been amazing. The average leak rate in the grocery industry is 25%. For GreenChill partners, that number is about half. We are thrilled to be not only a part of this organization, but to see big results at DLM because of it.