Be “Sweet” to your Valentine with DLM Pâtisserie

By: Jennifer Clark | Coffee Bar Director
On: June 22, 2012

Our French Pâtisserie Shop is offering beautiful, scrumptious tasting delights for your Valentine. As always, the items from our Pâtisserie are made with European-style butter (which is higher in butterfat and very smooth), real sugar, and organic eggs. We wouldn’t dream of messing these creations up with hydrogenated oils! Available only for Valentine’s Day, we are offering a cheesecake made from scratch, sculpted into the shape of a heart, and tied up with a ribbon perfect for sharing. If your sweetie loves a box of good, high-quality chocolates, our very talented and good friend Ghyslain’s handpainted chocolates will certainly do the trick! Each chocolate is made by hand and “painted” with colored cocoa butter to achieve a one-of-a kind experience. Oh, and don’t forget the Champagne!