The Power of Dinner

By: Susan Wood |
On: September 02, 2016

Family traditions have always been a significant part of my life, starting with my mother nourishing a special tradition in our home growing up. Every Sunday she would prepare an Italian dinner for our family. She would rise early, around 4 a.m., and start creating her homemade pasta sauce. She would then gather the ingredients for the homemade meatballs: dried bread crumbs, ground sirloin, eggs, and herbs she had just pulled from her garden. We all came together around the table and ate around 1 p.m. Years later, I can still smell the aroma that permeated the house and I think fondly on the memories that it encircles.

Sharing a meal with others has a power. It opens our hearts to conversation and growth. There is nothing quite like spending time sharing food with people, especially with those you love.

That’s why dinner has always been my favorite family gathering. My husband and I make a commitment to save this time of the day to spend with our children around the table. At dinner, we sit down together and are assured in our unity and love for one another. Sharing food and stories, we learn about each other’s days. We also are challenged to think more deeply about things greater than ourselves when we speak on a variety of topics focusing on the world around us.

Throughout the years, I have been blessed to work at DLM and share the gift of tremendous food with my family and friends. Food, especially irresistible and delicious food, has the power to bring people together. DLM has most certainly taught me that.

Even though our children are now in their twenties, we still continue to have our traditional Sunday dinner. They invite many friends and we all agree that our house is always open to those who want to join us.

Our Sunday dinners remain an ongoing circle, sharing the love of family, friends, and food each week. Our special tradition, of course, is accompanied by the lovely, local food from DLM. Some of our guests’ favorite meals include burritos with DLM Homemade Guacamole, chicken fajita fettuccine made with DLM Natural Chicken, and pulled pork with fresh veggies and cheesy potatoes.

It has been such a blessing to work at DLM over the past 40+ years with people who feel like family, and to learn the importance of sharing and loving food. The joy that comes from meals with my children and husband, and the love we receive during our big Sunday dinners, can never be replaced.