Warped Wing Spent Grain Bread

By: Jennifer Clark | Coffee Bar Director
On: August 02, 2016

Dayton is very fortunate to be a little secret hiding place of great food and drink. And at DLM, we like to source the very best from various local producers to bring them together for you in one fell swoop! One of our faves is Warped Wing Brewery down on Wyandot St. Co-founder Joe Waizmann is an old friend to several of our wine & beer aficionados here. He is as passionate about beer as we are about great food. So it only made sense for a natural partnership to arise, which has resulted in this very unique bread.

Up to 85% of a brewery’s waste comes in the form of what’s termed “spent grain.” Spent grains are the grains that are left behind after the brewing process. They still have nutritional value and are delicious. In fact, I have to tell you that even when they are plain and still warm from being brewed, they are good. These grains are hearty—think steel-cut oatmeal on steroids. Most of the time, these spent grains are picked up by local farmers to utilize. But we had a different idea. Why not try to use the grain to make bread?

To the drawing board we went. We took a tour of the awesome brewery, and snagged a five-gallon bucket of the spent grains. First, we had to dry the grains and let them completely cool overnight so they’re ready to use. Then, something magical happened when we created our very first batch—it came out perfect (that never happens). In addition to the spent grains, we replaced a part of the hydration in the bread with beer from Warped Wing—the very same beer that the grains helped make.

Test loaves went flying around the store, with even a few making it over to our Saturday wine tasting at the Washington Square store. Still warm, we delivered a plate (complete with butter, of course) to gain input from our customers. It was instantly devoured, and we were satisfied with the data! Everyone loved it so much they wanted to buy a loaf that day. We had a few additional steps to get the bread ready to make in large quantities. First, we secured a keg so that the beer could be included in every batch. We also had a really cool stencil created so we could include the Warped Wing logo on the bread with a little dusting of flour.

I love this bread so much I nearly polished off an entire loaf myself without anything on it! But if you are looking for accompaniments, try our insanely popular house-made beer cheese, spread on some Vermont Creamery European-Style Sea Salt Butter, or layer it with our freshly ground peanut butter. The winner in my book though was the fried egg sandwich I made, slightly runny with a generous piece of Barber’s Cheddar. Talk about a great way to start your day!

So come in and try a piece of the bread, and be sure to head downtown to check out the brewery yourself if you haven’t already. Like they say at Warped Wing: Share a Pint, Make a Friend! We think the same can be said with bread. Cheers!