Get Ready Local Food Club

By: Dennis Chrisman | Vice President of Human Resources, Produce Director
On: May 06, 2016

Spring is a busy time of year for all of us, whether you find yourself picking up the sticks that have fallen from the winter winds or are getting ready to start planting tomatoes. As for me, spring is the perfect time to start thinking about the DLM Local Food Club, as the season starts late June and continues through September. To kick things off I get in my truck, pick up my dad, and we drive through the country to visit farming friends.

Dad, who started at DLM in 1960, loves to visit the farms with me. We always stop in New Carlisle to see Ray Brentlinger planting his corn. Ray has been bringing corn to DLM for over 30 years. He plants his seed in cycles that will keep DLM stocked with fresh local corn starting around early July till mid-September.

From there, we’ll often drive 15 miles to De Graff, Ohio, to visit our Amish friend John Wagler. John and his boys raise several varieties of melons, heirloom tomatoes, and squash. We end the visit with homemade ice cream and fresh-baked pie. Then, we drive 45 minutes west to Harvey Eicher Jr.’s territory. He and his friends are busy with tomatoes, summer squash, candy onions, and many other great veggies for DLM. On the way back, I call Jon Branstrator. His farm is south of Caesar Creek State Park in Clarksville, Ohio, where he grows broccoli, cauliflower, squash, and pumpkin. He always tells me: “Bring the family, and we’ll grill some fresh-picked asparagus.” I grab the phone and start dialing.