Charcuterie with Old-World Charm

By: Donna Howell | Director of Food Service and Merchandising
On: May 06, 2016

When we taste something that marries together Old-World techniques with out-of-this-world flavor, we have to have it. That’s why I’m so excited about our new line of Olympia Provisions salamis, sausages, and pâtés that you’ll find in our Deli and Meat departments, as well as The DLM Cheese Shop. If you’re seeking something new to enliven your charcuterie board, look no further.

Olympia Provisions’ master salumist Elias Cairo believes that when making charcuterie, handmade is best while also using the finest ingredients. In Portland, Oregon, where Olympia Provisions is based, the craft of charcuterie is approached with purity and patience as they set out to recreate old-world techniques. Elias grew up watching his father make charcuterie at home. He then spent five years in Switzerland completing a chef apprenticeship. Through his travels, he soaked in the flavors from regions in France, Italy, Spain, and Greece.

That’s why when you taste a slice of salami or sausage from Olympia Provisions, you understand that there’s no hurry to the process, to which Elias has been a student of perfecting. When starting with a pork leg, Olympia Provisions use the highest quality naturally raised hogs and they trim it of all sinew and fat, but add the fat back in later to produce a creamy texture and melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

Every day, they mix in freshly chopped aromatics and ground spices for strong, pure flavors. They carefully stuff and tie each product by hand and then slowly ferment and patiently dry-cure the salami in special dry rooms, which allow the spices to fully infuse the pork. It also encourages the growth of house flora, the wild yeast that protects the salami while drying and adds to its complex flavor. The house flora is what sets salami makers apart from one another. While many makers imitate flora with rice or milk, Olympia uses no shortcuts.

It’s that dedication to the art behind the product that makes it a clear winner to bring in to our stores.