DLM Dash 5K: You Can Do It!

By: Dorothy Lane Market
On: May 06, 2016

A few years ago, the words “you can do it” struck me with horror when a friend suggested that I participate in the DLM Dash 5K. I had just started a big lifestyle change and only been exercising for a short time. It was too intimidating to consider attempting. “Next year,” I told myself.

The following spring came, and I was ready. By that time, I’d lost about 250 lbs and was now a regular exerciser. I went to look up information on the DLM Dash 5K, and was greeted by a photo of strong, athletic-looking people. A second wave of intimidation came over me. Can I really do this?

With nerves barely contained, I showed up at the DLM Washington Square parking lot early that Sunday morning. I felt better the moment I saw the familiar face of Megan Ervin, a fellow DLM associate and boot camp buddy.

With a friend by my side, we were in the middle of the pack near the starting line. Anxiety shifted to excitement as I began my first 5K. I was struck by the variety of people surrounding me. Yes, there were seasoned runners, but there also were moms pushing strollers, men walking dogs, and teenagers happily gabbing as they made their way through the winding neighborhoods. A sense of camaraderie filled the atmosphere. I’ll never forget how it felt to cross the finish line. I had conquered the inner voice that said, “you’re not good enough.”

I can’t wait for my second Dash. Maybe you’re a 5K veteran, or perhaps a race novice, like I was. Wherever you fall in the spectrum, come out for the DLM Dash 5K on May 22. Bring a friend, support a worthy cause (local foodbanks), and enjoy the fresh air. I’ll see you there!