St. Patrick’s Day Checklist

By: Dorothy Lane Market
On: February 22, 2016

As St. Patrick’s Day nears (March 17), know that there’s more to it than drinking artificially dyed beer and wearing green. We’re talking about the food, of course. And at DLM, we are proud to have you covered. See below for some of our favorites for you to not just check off the list, but to savor with each bite.

DLM Corned Beef Brisket & Cabbage

Our store-made DLM Corned Beef Brisket is made with tender DLM Natural Beef Brisket brined in a blend of pickling spice and topped with peppercorn and bay leaves. This New York-style corned beef is served with steamed cabbage and red skin potatoes. Stop by our Deli by March 15, to order your ready-made meal today (pick-up March 15-17)! $13.99 (dinner for one); $24.99 (dinner for two)

Irish Harp Cheddar Cheese

Take one look at this multi-toned Cheddar cheese and you’ll be captured by its rainbow of colors. It’s increasingly sharp as you bite into each layer, yet smooth. Serve it on a cheese plate for a burst of color; and, of course, pair it with a pint of stout.

Irish Soda Bread

Every year, we make Irish eyes smile with this special treat. As the name implies, it’s a traditional bread from Ireland that incorporates baking soda rather than yeast. Along with other traditional ingredients such as premium flour, buttermilk, sea salt, and sugar, we enliven our rendition with butter, currants, and a few caraway seeds. We hand-shape and bake each loaf daily all month long.

Irish Stout

Stout has become synonymous with Ireland and is indeed a symbol of national pride. Irish stout is dry and intense with a slightly roasted characteristic. Prices vary.