Pop into 2012 with Kim’s Magic Pop!

By: Jennifer Clark | Coffee Bar Director
On: June 22, 2012

If you have been in the Washington Square store lately and heard a resounding “POP” noise, chances are you have witnessed our newest product called Kim’s Magic Pop. What in the world is Magic Pop, you ask? It is a delicious freshly made grain cake that is similar to a rice cake and is vegan, fat free, and sugar free! When I saw it for the first time I couldn’t stop watching because it was so neat. We take a pellet mixture made from brown rice, corn, and wheat, and pour it into a hopper. It is then fed by controlled portions in between two hot plates that press together. Then POP! Out flies a whole grain cake that is only 15 calories!

It is available in Original Plain, Onion, Potato, Cheddar, and Cinnamon. (The Cinnamon contains 20 calories a cake.) It is great for a snack on it’s own or paired with toppings. Some fan favorites so far have been the Plain or Cheddar flavor (which tastes a lot like popcorn) topped with our homemade dips, DLM Spinach Dip, and DLM Hummus. The Cinnamon flavor marries incredibly well with the decadent Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread, and at 15 or 20 calories per cake, why not? Available now at all three DLMs. Stop by and check it out, try a sample, and start your new year off with a POP, Kim’s Magic Pop!