German Wines, Cheeses Evoke the Vibe of Oktoberfest

By: Todd Templin | VP of Beer, Wine, and The DLM Cheese Shop
On: August 31, 2015

As we cling to the hopes of everlasting summer warmth, we can’t ignore the signs nature is presenting of an eventual season change. Leaves that have spent all their energy harvesting sunlight will begin to fade and some will even fall, as we know that cooler months are upon us. And with that, we inch closer to our community’s strong Germanic influences, as the foods and flavors of Oktoberfest are on our minds.

J. Geil Bechtheimer Rosengarten Rheinhessen 2013 Riesling Kabinett

This young family’s vineyards are just outside of Bechtheim where the hills begin. The Rosengarten is above the village on gravelly sand and clay, producing an amazing wine full of verve, mineral, and Asian pear notes! It’s a stunning wine with or without food.

Dönnhoff 2014 Riesling Trocken & 2014 Riesling

The Nahe has long been one of the most secret gems of the German wine scene, which has certainly changed due to a group of vintners I visited; Dönnhoff, Diel, and Hexamer. These are all exceptional producers, but tasting wine from Dönnhoff is akin to tasting first-growth Bordeaux or Grand Cru Burgundy! The Trocken is quite dry with its minerality and beautiful wintergreen nuances bursting forth. Try it with our sushi for a real treat. The Riesling is simply beautiful with touches of beeswax, wintergreen, tree fruit, and a complex mouthfeel that belies its price.

Carl Schmitt-Wagner 2013 Spätlese Mosel

This is an amazing estate that was sold to the Loewens, extremely talented winemakers who are interested in preserving the legacy of these ungrafted vines planted from 1896 to 1903. I had the pleasure of tasting a 1937 vintage with Bruno Wagner that was easily one of the best wines I’ve experienced. These wines are richer and more interesting under Carl and Christopher Loewen.

A.J. Adam 2012 Hofberg Riesling Spätlese Mosel

Andreas Adam is a young superstar in the sub region of Dhron of the Mosel, and this is one of the best vintages yet! It shows lots of minerality as well as floral and pear tones with an inviting sweetness!

Müller Catoir 2013 Gimmeldinger Riesling Kabinett

Long considered one of the finest estates in the Pfalz region, this wine is very feminine—delicate with a touch of residual sugar and a burst of peach on the palate.

German Cheeses


A beautiful triple-cream, soft-ripened cheese from Bavaria that has a lovely vein of blue.


A German-style Brie that has mushrooms throughout and it pairs extremely well with Geil Riesling.