The Taste of Summer’s Bounty

By: Calvin Mayne | VP of Food
On: June 30, 2015

We all have our particular vision of summer. Mine includes memories of playing watermelon polo as a teenager, a pool game where two teams battle (mostly underwater) over a greased watermelon. The game was brutal but the upside was that the melon eventually suffered breakage, and we would eat it poolside, with the juice running down our chins. This memory represents a slice of summer to me, even though I’ve long since retired from watermelon polo. Summer is great for getting outside, moving around, and refueling with all sorts of fruits and veggies at their seasonal best.

That vision of summer goodness comes to life when you walk into our doors at DLM; actually it begins in the parking lot with beautiful produce and plants greeting you as you arrive. Good produce is in the DNA of our stores. The seeds of DLM go back to the 1920s, when my Grandparents Calvin and Vera worked in the wholesale produce business near downtown Dayton. The first seedling sprouted in 1948 when they opened doors at the corner of Far Hills and Dorothy Lane, featuring fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meats from local farmers.

We’ve never lost track of those roots, and every summer they sprout and flourish anew. Consider our local sweet corn, harvested by our friend Ray Brentlinger. It’s so fresh—still warm from being in the field that very morning. I love it cooked in the cob to tenderness, glistening with good cultured butter. I also think of ripe, full-of-flavor local tomatoes from Harvey Eicher, sliced thick, sprinkled with sea salt, piled on toasted Unbleached White Bread from the Bakery slathered with a little mayo. And just today, I saw the most beautiful organic red leaf lettuce I’ve ever seen, and it was grown just a few miles from here. I wanted to eat it as-is.

Our local farmers bring us so many good things to eat, and the offering changes almost daily. Visit us often and let us help you complete your vision of a summer filled with happy times and healthy eating! In the meantime, I have to get ready for a watermelon polo match against my 18-year-old nephew tonight.