Bouquet Care 101

By: Stuart Delk | Floral Director
On: June 30, 2015

People often wince when they think of the average grocery store floral bouquet. It’s usually a choice of convenience over quality, and the life of the flowers prove that. That’s not the case when you pick up a floral bouquet from Dorothy Lane Market, and it all starts with where we source the flowers and how they are handled once they arrive to the store.

Most bouquets are assembled by commercial growers (generally in South America or California) out of “leftover” stems. After harvest, the stems are sorted and graded with the highest quality stems designated for the cut flower, single-stem trade. What’s left is bunched together and sold as bouquets.

DLM doesn’t buy ready-made “leftover” bouquets from growers. Our local supplier in Columbus assembles our bouquets out of first-quality single stems. We discuss the design of the bouquet and will often get a sample. Once ordered, our bouquets are delivered the next day. Everything is top-notch from the start.

And now, when you pick up a bouquet in our store they’ll be sporting our new watering system, where the stems are wrapped in a small plastic bag containing moistened recycled shredded kraft paper. This way, a bouquet you pick up will stay hydrated until you get home.

Our flowers are arranged into hand-held bouquets or arrangements. Cut the stems, drop in a vase, and use the supplied floral preservative. For best longevity, recut the stems after a few days. Bouquets can be an easy and convenient way to bring fresh color into your house. Try ours and let us know what you think.