Get Social With Us!

By: Jessie Kuhn | Staff Writer
On: April 29, 2015

Dorothy Lane Market prides itself on cultivating community surrounding the topic of good food and drink. Connect with DLM online though a number of ways to catch glimpses of foodie tips, new products our passionate department directors are ecstatic to carry, DLM events, giveaways, and recipes galore. Think of it as having a slice of DLM at your fingertips — anytime.


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Foodies Unite

NEW! The DLM Traveling Grocery Bag tradition goes online. For decades, DLM enthusiasts have carried a DLM grocery bag to the corners of the Earth and snapped pics to adorn the front of our stores. In addition to dropping your pics off at the store, tag them to DLM via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for us to include in our online albums. #TravelingDLMBag

NEW! DLM Babies brighten our stores. You’ve all seen some of the loveable faces sitting proudly in the front of grocery carts as they are strolled through the aisles. As you shop with your loved ones, snap a picture and tag it online to DLM via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for us to share in the DLM Babies online series. #DLMBabies