A Cake Full of Ambition and Fit for a Grad

By: Jessie Kuhn | Staff Writer
On: April 29, 2015

Graduation time is one that’s swollen with pride, abounding with ambition, and mixed with uncertainty for what lies ahead. Most notably, it’s full of well-wishes as family and friends gather to celebrate. It’s a time to reflect on past accomplishments before a new chapter unfolds. But let’s not forget another part of the graduation ritual we all know and love: the cake.

Yes, the cake is often a centerpiece for the party, typically adorned with images of the grad’s alma mater or in the colors of their upcoming university. Or, it may wear several pictures of the grad (which are edible, of course). The team at Love Cakes by Dorothy Lane Market is ready and waiting to make a graduation cake to reflect whatever sentiment you’re looking to showcase to celebrate your grad.

And you will be thrilled with what our pros can create. Katherine Dean, 26, Manager of Love Cakes, has been chosen as one of the three finalists to compete in the upcoming International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association’s 20th annual Cake Decorating Challenge in June, spanning three days. On day one, each contestant will decorate enough cakes to fill one multi-tiered, eight-foot bakery case. On day two, they’ll tackle a wedding cake. On the third and final day, they’ll have to complete three themed cakes. “I’m incredibly ambitious,” Katherine says, who has been with the DLM family for 11 years. She’s hungry for growth, much like the grads this year.

“Graduation is like our Christmas,” Katherine says. The Love Cakes staff will gladly adorn a sheet-style cake for your party with the décor of your choosing. Or, if you’d prefer a multi-tiered cake or something a bit more adventurous, they can bring the vision to life with ease. Katherine invites you to call or stop by the Love Cakes by DLM storefront, which is located in the Washington Square Shopping Center, behind Dorothy Lane Market, for a complimentary and hassle-free consultation. She says that the team works quickly and can process orders for graduation cakes whether they come in months in advance or the week of it.

We take great pride in baking and decorating cakes, using only the freshest and finest ingredients available in order to ensure the best quality. Traditional cake flavors include the light and moist white, chocolate, yellow, marble, carrot, and red velvet flavors, all topped with buttercream icing. A filling, such as strawberry, raspberry, lemon, or chocolate mousse, can be added to any cake.

As you and your grad make plans for the future, talk to the pros at Love Cakes by DLM to ensure that you’ll have a personalized and festive cake to mark the occasion.