Spring Fling Pastry and Food Show

By: Jennifer Clark | Coffee Bar Director
On: March 18, 2015

If you have ever attended our annual Holiday Food and Wine Show, you know all about the superb spread of food, wine, beer, and desserts. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to wait until this November to experience something similar. The Spring Fling Food and Pastry Show is the Holiday Food and Wine Show’s little cousin, boasting the same quality and passion in food, spirits, and desserts, only on a smaller scale and with a bigger emphasis on the delectable pâtisserie.

t’s all made with the same high-quality ingredients that we carry here in our stores and prepared by our super- talented team of pros, including Chef Carrie Walters and Pastry Chefs Lindsey Lucas and Ghyslain Maurais (along with their fantastic staff). In fact, they are so talented that while on a recent pilgrimage with Dorothy Lane Market across the pond to Europe, I found myself feeling—dare I say—let down as I sampled pâtisserie. I know what you are thinking. How is this possible? It’s because of the quality that I am so used to and spoiled by right here in Dayton, Ohio, as I’ve worked for Dorothy Lane Market for 12 years. Those who have lived in bigger cities can attest that we have some seriously skilled people contributing to the fine works of art that adorn our showcases daily. Did I taste memorable flavor combinations and see decorations that I liked while traveling Europe, one bite at a time? Yes, and I brought those ideas back to Lindsey, our in-house pastry chef who also was getting daily pictures from me while traveling.

This passion I feel for pâtisserie is why I first set out to create this event 11 years ago. All of the ingredients found in our pastries are top notch, and always have been since the inception of the program back in 2002 with the opening of our Springboro DLM location. We made the commitment to only use European-style butter (which contains a higher level of butterfat integral to the authenticity of the product), organic eggs from free-range chickens that are lifetime antibiotic and horomone free, as well as locally sourced fruit (when seasonally available). That was 12 years ago before most of the population was even thinking about such things!

t the show, you will taste not only the awesome pastry we have to offer, but the many different food choices all created by our very own, well-traveled Chef Carrie. Having visited over 20 different countries including India, Vietnam, as well as many European destinations, she will be providing a wonderful array of foods influenced from many different ethnicities. As always, our meat is graded Prime and lifetime antibiotic and steroid free, as is our chicken and pork. To top off all of the delicious food, enjoy a variety of locally brewed craft beers as well as an array of wines from which to choose (or sample them all)!

Click hereto buy your ticket for the Spring Fling Food and Pastry Show or purchase your ticket at any of the DLM Guest Services. I promise you that this little cousin will live up to the family name!