New! DLM Albacore Tuna

By: Jack Gridley | VP of Meat & Seafood
On: March 18, 2015

Drive up the coast of Oregon and you will find 17 small, misty fishing ports tucked away between rugged coastline, mountains, and rivers. These ports are home to family fisherman who have chosen the independent and rugged lifestyle to be a part of the Oregon Albacore Fishery. It’s more than just a job to anyone who chooses to live this lifestyle. They care about good food and good fishing. Hard work is rewarded by the beauty of the rugged coast, the ocean, the fish and continuing the stewardship to protect it all for future generations. Just like a local farmer who strives to bring the best and freshest product to market, these fishermen strive to bring us the very best albacore tuna.

Dorothy Lane Market has partnered with a community supported fishery in Garibaldi, Oregon, on Tillamook Bay. They catch our albacore when the schools migrate up the west coast and come closer to the coast. Mother Nature has taken care of the timing in the life cycle of the albacore to deliver us a product that is so healthy and has the highest amount of beneficial Omega-3 oils of all the tunas. The fish have been feeding on a diet rich with anchovies and sardines. Another benefit is that these fish are relatively small, weighing 10–30 pounds, eliminating the worry about them accumulating significant quantities of mercury.

The albacore tuna is all caught with hook and line, eliminating by-catch and keeping the fishery dolphins and turtles safe. The high standards have awarded this fishery the MSC certification for sustainability and being well-managed, as well as “Best Choice” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The best certification is that Dorothy Lane Market has chosen to partner with the Community Supported Fishery of Garibaldi. The albacore are caught by local fisherman and micro-canned for us at their local processing plant. Hand cut chunks of albacore are put into cans, seasoned with local Oregon Mill Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Jacobsen Sea Salt, and cooked just once. This process seals in all the flavors and nutrients including the valuable Omega-3s. Other canned tuna gets cooked several times giving them the texture of cat food. Ours are large, meaty chunks versatile for a variety of recipes!

Taste the flavor and difference of this wonderful protein-packed premium, wild-caught Albacore Tuna today. Available in two flavors, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil & Sea Salt or with Jalapeño.