A Craving for Good Chicken

By: Calvin Mayne | VP of Food
On: March 18, 2015

What pleases a crowd better than a properly cooked chicken—especially when the chicken is of good quality? For some reason, we ate a lot of chicken this past winter at our house, and instead of growing weary of it, I love it all the more and plan to keep right on eating! OK, I do cop to being slightly OCD when it comes to food, but let me tell you why I think there’s good reason to be crazy about good chicken.

One thing that has me obsessed these days is homemade chicken broth. My Mom made it for us when I was little, and we have resurrected the tradition at my house. We take a whole bird, wash it, submerge it in a large stock pot with some roughly chopped veggies, such as celery, carrot, and garlic, along with a little salt and pepper. After poaching it with a gentle simmer for about an hour, we take the bird out, strip off the meat, and put the carcass and bones back in the pot. After simmering another six to eight hours, we strain it and are left with amazing broth to use as a base for soups and other dishes such as Pho. It also freezes well. We sipped it all winter long, and we think it kept us healthy and strong.

Does the chicken itself matter? You betcha! We feature our own DLM Free Range Air-Chilled Chicken from our friends at Bell & Evans. Our chickens are raised with only natural feed, are given room to roam, and have fresh air so they are unstressed and healthy. They are never given antibiotics; sick birds are removed from the flock. They are processed in a state-of-the-art facility that uses air chilling, which enhances sanitation and freshness, and yields a better tasting bird overall.

We also are thrilled to offer you locally grown “barnyard” chicken from our friends Ed & Joyce Hill, who raise their flock just a few miles from here. Ed only sells his chicken to a few select restaurants and stores, and we are privileged to be counted in that small group. Their chicken has rich flavor and perfect unctuous texture. Interestingly, you have very little to no scummy dross released when you poach either a DLM or Hill chicken. A testament, I think, to their fine quality.

However you prepare chicken from our stores, you’re in for a very tasty and nutritious meal. Just last night we seasoned a couple of skin-on breasts and baked them at 375 degrees until the skin was crispy. They were so juicy and delicious. If you are looking for convenience, try our DLM Flat Chicken® It is deboned except for the legs, marinated, and ready for easy cooking. Easier yet, pick up a hot whole bird from our rotisserie near the Meat department. Or stop by our Deli for chicken salads, chicken pot pies, grilled chicken breasts, and sandwiches, all of which we make right here in our kitchens using only the same great chicken you find in our Meat department. Shop with us and you will never have to compromise on eating good chicken.