A Modern Convenience

By: Jessie Kuhn | Staff Writer
On: February 27, 2015

As fast food giants report big losses, it’s clear that the tides have turned in what families consider “fast food.” Gone are the days of consumers running on fumes to the nearest in-and-out joint. There are other options, and DLM has been ahead of the curve on this front for years, providing ready-to-go meals that are not only convenient, but well-balanced and perfect for any foodie. We like to call it Gourmet Take-Away.

Chef Carrie Walters, Dorothy Lane Market’s Culinary Director, says it best; “We’re not cutting any corners.” Each store has its very own kitchen and team of chefs. Food is cooked and then chilled properly, which is ideal for reheating while retaining the flavor. You will never find food sitting under the cafeteria-style heat lamps. “Our team of chefs create things fresh every single day,” says Chef Carrie. “And we are so lucky,” she says, taking note of the no hormone, never frozen and antibiotic-free meats, the fresh produce, clarified butter, and DLM 100% Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

The results? Entrées vary, ranging from lightly browned Parmesan-Encrusted Tilapia, savory Asiago Chicken Breast, Turkey Meatloaf (just like mom’s), crispy Chicken Tenders, and much more. Don’t miss the Dinner Deals, as you always have your choice of paying $7, $9, or $11 (price flexes based on the entrée), which gets you a main course and two side dishes. Sides include a plethora of options ranging from vegetables to starches. The DLM chefs also have you covered when it comes to seasonal favorites, like corned beef, steamed cabbage and buttered new potatoes with parsley. You also can count on Crab Cakes available every Friday during Lent.

Aside from the main Deli case, the Gourmet Take-Away options extend to the grab n’go area. Try a DLM Pasta Bowl, such as Chicken Broccoli Alfredo, or an Asian Bowl, like Fresh Teriyaki Salmon. Or, pick up a ready-made DLM Lunchbox, which fits perfectly in a briefcase or backpack. In the mornings, you’ll find piping hot oatmeal available to help get you going. Later, savory soups will be waiting for the lunchtime crowd, including seafood options by the Meat department, where Jack’s Grill is always ready to cook a piece of meat or seafood of your choice. There’s also a salad bar, sushi station, and at two stores, a Naples-Style Pizza oven — oh, my!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to all of the options for you to enjoy the modern day “fast food” that DLM has to offer—food that’s HonestlyBetter®. So when something’s gotta give, let our chefs do the cooking for you. No matter what your situation, these Gourmet Take-Away options, like the Dinner Deals, are game-changers, as you are never compromising quality for convenience.