Le Pithivier and Other Pleasures of Puff Pastry

By: Calvin Mayne | VP of Food
On: February 02, 2015

I begin my morning most days at the store with a simple pleasure: a flaky almond or chocolate croissant from our Bakery paired with my latte made with Snowville Creamery milk from the DLM Coffee Bar. The ultra thin, ethereal layers of flour and butter that flake off and melt in your mouth, followed by a sip of the perfectly made latte — mmm.

The French word for puff pastry, feuilletage, is related to the word for leaf, a fitting description for its multi-layered, leaf-like structure. The unique eating experience of puff pastry is attained with an amazingly short list of ingredients: butter, flour, salt, and water. The beauty is in the method, combining the ingredients into dough, then rolling and folding it into layers several times, preferably on a cold marble surface. You see why the designation pastry chef is so respected in France when you watch one work up a batch of puff pastry with the dexterity of a classical pianist.

Puff pastry and all of its outcomes are so beautiful, so tasty, so authentically French. And you will find many examples right here in our Bakery, from croissants of various types to our Napoleon pastry, to my favorite of them all, Le Pithivier (pronounced pee-tee-vee-yay). It is named for a town in the storied Loire Valley of France, an area famous for its imposing castles and vibrant white wines. Le Pithivier is about the size of a small pie where we marry puff pastry with a light filling of heavenly almond cream, then finish it off with a bit of burnt sugar glaze similar to a crème brûlée.

We feature this happy treat for you to enjoy during these cold winter months. We make Le Pithivier right here from scratch using local organic eggs, unbromated and unbleached flour, and classic high-fat natural butter. Enjoy the pleasures of puff pastry every day at the DLM Bakery!