Functional Formularies Soup

By: Joy Kemp | Healthy Living Director
On: February 02, 2015

When Robin Gentry McGee set out to simply create what she felt was a better form of nutrition for her father who had suffered a traumatic brain injury and was on a feeding tube, she had no idea the world she was about to step in to. After seeing tremendous physical healing six short weeks after her father began the formula that came to be known as Liquid Hope, Robin set out to commercialize the product. Eight years later, the world’s first and only organic whole foods feeding tube formula was launched. This was the genesis of Robin’s company and the Functional Formularies brand.

You may remember Robin, who has been a leader in the local and organic food movement for more than a decade. Robin is thrilled to announce that her Just Great Foods brand of soups have now been rebranded and rolled into the Functional Formularies family of products.

The five soups will remain the same, but what is different is that the labels will now reflect the healing properties unique to each soup. The soups can be used to support various systems in the body in keeping with the food-as-medicine model that Liquid Hope was created from. However, if you’re simply looking for a great organic, gluten-free, plant-based soup, they will not disappoint!

The soups are now available through and can be shipped anywhere in the nation.