A Surreal Sushi Experience

By: Jessie Kuhn | Staff Writer
On: January 27, 2015

Watching a sushi chef meticulously craft a roll is like observing an artist paint. It’s immediately apparent that every flick of the wrist is intentional and that—along with the fresh ingredients—extreme pride is wrapped inside.

When you visit the Sushi Bar at any of the three stores, you’ll find a feast for the eyes within each of their cases. Brilliant orange caviar tops the slivers of avocado that cap the green dragon roll. The radiant reds of tuna peer through the spicy tuna roll. Along with popular favorites like shrimp tempura, you’re sure to find something different every day. Chris and Sara Hahm, who run the Sushi Bar at the Washington Square store, will make sure of it. “With sushi, everything is possible,” Chris says. Every day, he studies new rolls to add to the mix, aiming to delight customers. Sara says that it’s of great benefit to be surrounded by fresh produce as the fruits and vegetables that are in season often inspire them.

The duo works in tandem with rhythmic precision. A customer walks up to the counter and Sara warmly greets her with familiarity, handing over a tray of custom-made sushi. Along with the items on the menu where you can order a roll of your choice, customers can specify if there is something special they’d like, such as a vegetarian option of a menu item. Party trays of sushi also are available and can be made based on your favorite combination — we just need 4 hours notice.

Sushi originates from Japan, close to neighboring Korea where Chris and Sara were born. They’ve been married for 29 years and lived in New York City prior to joining the DLM family this past fall to be closer to their daughter, a student at The Ohio State University. “We love these customers. The market is the best. So we should be the best,” Sara says.

So when you come to the Sushi Bars at DLM, don’t expect the average supermarket experience. You’ll find high quality fish combined with top-notch produce. And let’s not forget about the rice. “The rice is very important for sushi,” Chris says. “At many other sushi places, the rice is not right. It’s too mushy,” Sara adds, “Even worse, it’s often layered on so thickly that there’s barely any room for other ingredients to really shine.” That’s not the case at DLM. Starting soon, rolls using quinoa will also be available.

Next time you’re in the store, take a minute to admire (and try) the authentic sushi experience, made with artful and knowledgeable pride.