Creminelli Handcrafted Salami

By: Calvin Mayne | VP of Food
On: December 29, 2014

Not too many years ago I remember a food expert friend of mine sighing, “You just can’t get great salami in America.” I’m not sure if he was exaggerating, but I think hardly a soul in the gourmet food business would say such a thing today. Following a trajectory similar to what we’ve seen with artisan cheese, there are an increasing number of artisan producers of serious salami right here in the U.S., product that would be in the same conversation with the quality cured meats you find in Europe. In our view, Creminelli is one of the very best around.

We’ve met Cristiano Creminelli on several occasions. He comes from Italy where his family has been making salami for generations. His smile is infectious as is his passion for salami. We feel he is a kindred spirit of ours when it comes to sourcing good, natural ingredients, and that the quality of any good food is readily apparent when you taste it. Having said that, Creminelli salamis have that perfect moist texture and depth of flavor and savoriness that you expect from great salami.

Like us at DLM, Cristiano believes in using meats that are humanely raised and lifetime free of added hormones and antibiotics. Meats like this do cost a little more, but are indispensable in making an artisan product of this quality. Salami is one of the those foods that you love to nibble occasionally, so why not buy one that’s really good!

We are proud to offer you several varieties of Creminelli Handcrafted Salami in our Deli including Barolo, a savory salami made with red wine; the exotic Wild Boar, made with Texas wild boar; and famous Sopressa, made with a classic recipe that includes wine and garlic.

Some folks may like the flavor of good salami, but may be put off by its funky appearance and casing. Don’t worry, the white mold is not only safe, but is necessary; creating flavor and protecting salami from bad bacteria. Simply remove the casing before eating. We also recommend that you let the salami sit out for at least 15 minutes or so before serving to get the full flavor experience. Whether you’re looking for a great addition to sandwiches, putting out an appetizer tray, or simply looking for a flavorful snack to nibble, think of great salami…think Creminelli!