New! DLM Bakehouse

By: Scott Fox | Bakery Director
On: December 29, 2014

What seems just like yesterday, 20 years ago we began baking Artisan Bread. Just as handmade, artisanal breads were emerging in large cities, our passion to stay current with the latest food trends led us down the path to producing truly great bread.

I began working with DLM making crusty European-style breads on a part-time basis. Back then, I was working at the University of Akron as the Executive Pastry Chef. As a member of the Bread Baker’s Guild, I had been experimenting with different applications for producing hand- crafted bread, when I got a call from DLM. I spent three or four days at a time working here in Dayton baking artisan breads in conventional bakery ovens. We began with just six varieties, and we were off! As I worked with the staff at DLM and learned more about the family atmosphere, I began to realize that I looked forward more to my trips to DLM than my job back home. In the fall of 1995, I received a phone call from Norman asking me to come to Dayton to become an official member of the DLM family. With that, my family and I moved here and haven’t looked back!

By 1997 things were going so well that we were totally out of production space, and also felt a need to upgrade our operation to our first European hearth oven. We expanded from just 600 sq ft to around 1,800, and I was fortunate enough to help with the building of our brick and stone oven that had been shipped over from France! Since that time we have grown to a menu of about 30 varieties of bread and produce between 2,000 to 2,500 pounds of dough on a daily basis, translating to millions of loaves produced in the last 18 years.

In 2010 Joey Wrobel became our Bread Shop Manager, and with a big hunger for learning the trade, attended many classes at King Arthur’s Baking Education Center. In my view, they are the best domestic supplier of flour. Over the years, we have also visited and developed friendships with other artisan bread shops around the country. As a result of Joey’s education, he was determined that we had outgrown our facility and our ovens. He eventually made me a believer, so we took a trip to New York to visit some of the best bread bakers, painstakingly interviewing each one to make a decision on what sort of new oven to purchase. After much research, and a short lunch meeting with Norman and Calvin, the decision was made to order our new oven from Germany: a MIWE brand, one that would be the third of its kind in the United States.

We chose this oven for many reasons, but the deciding factor was because of a day that we spent at a bakery in Brooklyn that was producing 40,000 lbs of perfectly baked bread that was trucked to some of the finest stores and restaurants every single day. We were amazed and knew that this oven and its automatic loading system would take the DLM Artisan Bread shop into the 21st century.

I am happy to announce that once again we have outgrown our facility, and have built a brand new space in the building behind our Washington Square store, adjacent to not only our Central Bakery, but our Killer Brownie® manufacturing center, as well as our newly opened Love Cakes by DLM. We call our new bread baking facility the DLM Bakehouse. We have room to grow, and are excited to start producing even better bread… artisan bread with flavor and crust and character, as good as you can find anywhere on the globe! We stay committed to bringing you the very best breads that we possibly can, always baked today and sold today, and look forward to what exciting things that the next twenty years will bring.