Introducing Snowville Creamery Dairy Products

By: Jennifer Clark | Coffee Bar Director
On: December 29, 2014

Here at DLM it is no secret that we are passionate about a lot of things, two of which are quality, and supporting local friends and their businesses. That is where our story begins with Snowville Creamery.

I first heard of Snowville several years ago when we began carrying their products in our Dairy department. We hosted some folks to do a sampling on a Saturday, and there was so much buzz about the store that I HAD to find my way back to the Dairy to taste this much praised milk. While walking through the store I thought to myself “it’s just milk, how different can it be?” Having grown up in a rural area we frequently had fresh milk from a local farm, complete with the layer of cream on top. I was very doubtful that any milk was going to surprise me.

Then I met Warren. Then I tasted the milk. I was instantly transported to standing in my childhood kitchen, looking up to my father who handed me a fresh from-the-farm glass of milk. Then and there I became smitten with Snowville.

For Warren Taylor, the owner of the creamery located in Pomeroy, Ohio close to Athens, milk is his life. In 1974 he received his Dairy Tech degree from The Ohio State University, and from there went to work for a large milk producer, one of the largest in the country. He served as a dairy engineer and consultant for many large plants before embarking on his mission at Snowville. His father worked in the dairy industry for 35 years, and his brother is the president of one of the largest sour cream producers in the world, Daisy Brand. He really knows his stuff.

Featured in Edible Columbus magazine, author Eric LeMay quotes Warren, “Cut me and I bleed white.” You get the sense that dairy and destiny fuse in Warren, that his family made him into who he is. (Edible Columbus Winter 2011 pg. 50)

In his interview with Warren, Eric found the following differences between Snowville and mainstream milk:

The genetic makeup of the 260 cows that provide Snowville with their milk are Jersey, Guersney, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn, Friesian, and Holstein, all intermixed by years of cross-breeding. They’re heartier and give healthier milk than the huge Holsteins that are confined on most dairy farms.

• The grazing practices used to feed the herd, which rotates through many different pastures rather than remaining confined to one, so that the cows can rebuild the topsoil instead of depleting it.

• The minimal amount of processing Snowville does to its milk, which leaves the milk’s nutrients and flavor intact rather than pasteurizing and homogenizing them out of existence.

• The eco-friendly and taste-preserving cartons in which Snowville packages its milk. And the delivery schedule-from cow to store in less than 48 hours-that keeps its milk so fresh. (Edible Columbus Winter 2011 pg 47)

My aunt and uncle recently paid me a visit here at the store, and upon trying her drink my aunt exclaimed “this milk tastes like it did when I was a kid!” It is with great pride that our DLM Coffee Bars are offering Snowville Creamery dairy products. Whether enjoying a smidge of half and half in your drip coffee, or enjoying a smooth, velvety cafe mocha topped with our homemade whipped cream, you will now be experiencing milk the way it was intended. We’ll see you soon at the DLM Coffee Bar!