Behind the Scenes in our Pastry Shop

By: Jennifer Clark | Coffee Bar Director
On: December 01, 2014

It is nearly impossible to walk through any of our Bakeries and not notice our “fancy” pastries. On a daily basis I hear from our guests, “you don’t make those here, do you?” The answer is yes, we do make them here at DLM by hand. 90% of what is in our pastry lineup is made by our talented pastry staff, headed up by Pastry Chef Lindsey Lucas.

The other 10% you ask? Those are made by our good friend Ghyslain Maurais who is located just over the Ohio border in Union City, Indiana. Ghyslain was a consultant of ours when we opened our Springboro store and launched our in-house pastry program in 2001, and remains to us not just a vendor, but a dear friend. With the help of Ghyslain, over the years we have grown our pastry operation from a staff of the original three associates to seven! Recently, I had an opportunity to travel to Europe on a trip with some folks from DLM. Paris was something I was looking forward to with much anticipation: I wanted to see the famous pastries. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in so many of the shops, items that we sell here — that look the same! It was truly an experience that I will never forget, as I was so proud of the tireless talent that encompasses our in-house pastry operation.

It is important for us to offer you the highest quality desserts every day, and for all of those holiday parties! We don’t place an order from a vendor half the country away, thaw them, and put them in our service cases. I have watched the pastries be created by hand. The tarte aux fruits that Yolie makes are a work of art. She surgically places the fruit in a specific pattern to emphasize different colors and textures. The napoleons we carefully stack and ice in that signature pattern are identical to what I saw in those shops in Europe. For the holidays, the pastry chefs have a lot of fun coming up with new surprises, from different holiday cheesecakes to special flavored crème brûlées. We also offer Ghyslain’s famous Bûche de Nöel (Holiday Yule Log), raspberry marmalade wrapped in a rich, chocolate genoise, iced with French buttercream, and topped with hand painted holiday themed chocolate decorations.

If you are hosting or attending a party, our miniature pastries are a great way to introduce a variety of beautiful desserts to your guests or friends. Available in several gluten-free varieties, they may be ordered ahead and even placed on a catering tray so all of your work is done for you! Stop in, take a look, or call and order your miniature pastry tray for your party. Happy Holidays from the DLM Pastry Shop!