Beer and Cheese

By: Todd Templin | VP of Beer, Wine, and The DLM Cheese Shop
On: October 27, 2014


Looking for a super beverage for your holiday gatherings that you would be hard pressed not to believe are classic Belgian brews? Rockmill Brewery produces some of the most authentic, exciting, and complex organic beers that we’ve had for some time. With names like Saison, Dubbel, and Tripel in 750ml cork finish bottles, they have to be from Belgium, right? Wrong! We were so excited to find they are locally produced in Lancaster, Ohio. The very talented brewmaster Matthew Barbee has come back to the family farm to produce small production organic beers modeled after the brews of Wallonia, Belgium. There are four beers available and all are in 750ml bottles to be enjoyed with friends, or to be corked and used over a day or two.

Witbier — Crisp, clean, refreshing body with a citrus bouquet. It is an organic wheat ale brewed with traditional Belgian spices, coriander, orange peel, and dry hopped with New Zealand Cascade.

Saison — A refreshing organic farmhouse ale, it is rustic and earthy with complex notes in the aroma and flavor.

Dubbel — An organic abbey ale with spicy German hops, Opal and Spalt Select, creating a fairly heavy brown ale

with hints of dark fruits and malt.

Tripel — This organic golden ale is dry hopped with coriander and Belgian Saaz. Rich and full bodied with dried fruit and a delicate hoppiness in the nose.


Very smooth and creamy cow’s milk cheese with a slight mushroom tone. Wonderful over one of our baguettes, it pairs perfectly with fresh fruit such as apples, pears, and grapes.


Pleasant Ridge Reserve is an artisanal cheese made from the non-pasteurized milk of a single herd of Wisconsin cows fed and managed using natural, “Old World” practices.


This is not dolce sweet like most Gorgonzolas you see. It has a slightly salty, intense flavor balanced with a semi-soft texture. For true blue cheese lovers only. Try a slice over a DLM Natural Beef Steak, or break a few pieces into a salad.