Good soap is hard to ZUM by…

By: Kathy Settles | Healthy Living Associate
On: October 27, 2014

…unless you use Zum Soap from Indigo Wild, that is!

Zum Soap from Indigo Wild is made primarily from goat’s milk because it has a pH level closest to human skin. Loaded with 100% food-grade jojoba, argan, olive, coconut, palm, and castor oils, shea butter (a natural sunscreen), and botanical extracts, it moisturizes your skin on a deeper level without stripping it of its natural oils. It also leaves your skin feeling softer because it removes dead skin cells while gently cleansing away dirt. And, because it’s rich in vitamin A, it’s just what our skin needs to repair damage. Additionally, Zum soaps contain such a high percentage of essential oils, they not only smell amazing, but are also considered therapeutic. Indigo Wild also has mists, muscle rubs, massage oils, jacuzzi-safe bath salts, and soy candles (boasting a 30-hour burn time!) Try some ZUM products today!