Pico de Queso Cheese – Made by DLM & Hennings

On: September 29, 2014

What to say about Henning’s Cheese in rural Wisconsin? Wonderful. Passionate. Tasty. Informative. All of these words can be used to describe our early August trip to Henning’s where DLM Cheesemongers helped in the production of our newest cheese from the great state of Wisconsin — Pico de Queso!

Kert Henning took us around the 4th-generation family-owned plant showing us the ins and outs of daily operation, and we dove in with our hands to help! The curds were formed and ready for a process called Cheddaring which is the flipping of the loaves of curds to press the whey out of it! The more whey that is pressed out of the cheese, the less bitter in flavor it will be.

Our next step was to make sure the curd pieces (which are similar to what can be purchased in a store) are broken up so no large chunks are in the vats. This will allow the cheese to press better and form easier into the wheels that we purchase. Next we added cilantro, onion, and Serrano peppers to our white Cheddar. The curds, now flavored, are put into circular containers (which will give us our 22-pound wheels) and pressed overnight — again to press out the whey.

Henning’s then ages our cheese and ships it to our stores. Enjoy!